Massage Roller-Natural Face Gua Sha


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  • Ease wrinkles and fine lines: the 3 in 1 beauty kit (jade roller, ridged roller and gua sha tool) could reduce wrinkle, fine lines, relax facial and body’s muscles tension; Your face will be less puffy, feel less tense and even would look tighter
  • Reduce puffiness and bloating: use the jade roller, ridged roller and gua sha toolset as your daily skincare routine, good for reducing puffiness, improving blood circulation and skin elasticity, relieving dark circles, eyes bags and pores
  • Jadestone: the jade roller set is made of jade stone and stainless steel joints; The smooth surface of the jade facial roller set gives your skin cooling and a comfortable feeling to restore your compaction
  • Wide range of usages: the jade gua sha tool set is suitable for your face, shoulders, arms, legs and other body areas; Multiple combinations can meet your different needs; Utilized with serums oils and creams can penetrate the skin better
  • Not easy to break: the package contains foam that can protect the jade roller safely; Please don’t worry about the connection is falling off, which can be easily reconnected by superglue and not affect the usage effect; If you have any questions, please contact us, we will be appreciated to help you


1.Jade stone material: skin massage set is jade stone material with stainless steel, they will provide with coolness feeling, with smooth surface, comfortable using experience can be easily got; Durable jade stone makes them serve and company you a long time

2.Reduce puffiness and fine lines: use jade roller and gua sha tool several times a day, they can effectively promote blood circulation, reduce
puffiness, smooth wrinkles of face and neck, prolonged use can improve skin condition and make you look well

3.Jade roller usages: jade roller has 2 ends, the bigger end is suitable for face and neck massage, the small roller fits eyes and small corner, gently push along skin growth direction and massage for 10 – 15 minutes, or heat it in hot water, reoccupy massage to accelerate skin to absorb skin care cream

4.Gua sha scraper usages: keep it at 15 degree angle when moving from the centre of the face towards to hairline, then down the neck towards


Size: 13mm
Color: green black white
Beauty Massager for face: gouache scraper for face
anti wrinkle Face roller: pull-up chin Skincare
roller massager for neck: massage rollers for face
roller back massager: massager for face set
jade roller set natural: jade roller for face original
facial massage roller guasha: facial roller gua sha kit
made of real stone: securely well packed
super fast definitely stone: corresponds to the description
smooth, without chips: quite high quality and durable
inside vacuum package: stone jade roller kit


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