Mini Projector-ThundeaL HD


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A good fan heat system provides the most basic guarantee for the stability and life of the projector, so the fan will produce a little noise, which is almost the same as ambient noise!

Wireless sync screen. You can play games, watch movements, browse items (only for the Android TD90 version and multi-screen version).

The unique fan system is designed to prevent overheating with noise reduction, allowing you to fully enjoy your movie, TV series and music, etc.

Large screen 100 to 150 inches, projection distance and size, recommended optimal distance 1 to 11.5 ft, best 80 to 100 inches.


Type: Digital Projector
Portable: Yes
Power: 50W
Zoom: Focus
Ansi Lumens: 180 Ansi Lumens
Home Theater Projector: yes
Projection Technology: LCD
System: Multimedia System
Optical Resolution: 1280x720dpi
Brightness: 3200 Lumens
Projected Dimension: 30-200 inches
Light Source: Led Light
Weight: 1.0KG
Projection Distance: 1.2-3.8 Meter
Native Resolution: 1280*720(RGB) Max Support 1080P
Output: 3.5 mm Earphone
LED Lifetime: 30,000 hours

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